Your Child’s Failure to Launch Affects Your Term Life Insurance Coverage

Have you heard of the Failure to Launch phenomena (AKA the not so empty nest syndrome)? Presented as a lighthearted comedy in the movie Step Brothers, this issue is actually no joking matter. The long term repercussions of adult children living at home for both the parents and children have some very real consequences. For the sake of today’s article we’re going to focus on the affect your child’s delayed … Read More

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Encouraging Retirement News for Generation Xers and Millennials

Business People

Late boomers of Generation X and Millennials are facing the harsh reality of being the first age group unlikely to exceed the wealth of the generation before them. This makes the importance of taking financial matters of retirement into their own hands more important than ever before. It’s this age group that’s been hit the hardest by the most recent recession. While early boomers benefited from both the dot-com boom … Read More

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What’s your Medical IQ?

Test Grade

Hopefully your doctor knows you well, at least the information relevant to your health, after all that is part of the job description. Can you say the same for how well you know your doctor? While you may think that knowing about your doctor isn’t part of your job as an educated consumer, the fact is that staying in the dark can cost you in terms of your health and … Read More

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Kidney Donors May Now Be Facing Pointless Insurance Challenges

Hospital - surgery team in the operating room or Op of a clinic

Not only does a kidney donor have to have a “heart of gold” to go through the process of donating a kidney, they also have to go through rigorous health screening to be approved for donating a kidney, and only the healthiest people in the USA are approved. So why are they now facing challenges in obtaining high health scores when it comes to health and life insurance premiums post … Read More

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Agent’s Top Secrets for Millennials: The Vanguards of the Digital Era

top secret

Millennials happen to come along at an awkward point in history. While the Internet and e-businesses were experiencing tremendous growth, the job market and economy were shrinking into a slow down.  The cataclysmic shift from the analog era to the digital era left many industries reeling in its wake.   Tried and true professions became less viable options for employment.  The inability of Millennials (those born in the 1980s) to find … Read More

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