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Give the Gift of Life Insurance this Father’s Day

Father’s Day is just around the corner; it falls on Sunday June 19th this year.  The date will put us all into a mad scramble for the perfect gift— the stereotypical tie, power tools, or golf clubs. But why not think “outside the gift box” this year and come up with something really unique that will benefit him and the entire family? The gift of life insurance is a lasting … Read More

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Rocky Mountain Low: Is Colorado Really That Healthy?

Colorado consistently ranks as one of the healthiest states in America.  With skiers, hikers, and people who live that Rocky Mountain High-type of life, government data rates them as lean and healthy.  However new data from the Colorado Health Foundation’s 2010 Report Card showed a health incongruity— a population of healthy adults, but increasingly unhealthy children. A Public Broadcasting System (PBS) NewsHour special titled: Colorado’s Paradox: Healthy Adults, Unhealthy Children, in … Read More

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Free Life Insurance Quotes For Healthy People

There are many factors that go into calculating the cost of your monthly life insurance premium. And your health is the single point that can steer those costs up or down. Even in today’s health conscious society, many people remain unaware of the close connection health plays in determining the cost of your life insurance. The reason is the additional risk of death life insurance companies place on people with … Read More

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3 Ways to See If You’re Overweight and Could Pay More For Life Insurance

My recent blog post called “Healthy People Need Only Apply for Life Insurance” certainly raised some eyebrows and got your attention.  Readers reacted because they were in the dark about how strict life insurance companies are. Underwriters know that a diagnosis of cancer or a heart attack is beyond an applicant’s control but they will still place you in a higher risk category and charge you more for a policy. … Read More

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Ohio National Life Insurance Knows When You Need More Coverage

I recently found a great article on the Ohio National Life Insurance website outlining the different “life stages” that are good times to review one’s need for additional life insurance. Of course, everyone has different needs at different parts of their lives, but this is a great guideline for life insurance needs. Ohio National Life Insurance is a strong financial company that is able to meet all of your life … Read More

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