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What Can Lower Your Life Insurance Premiums

Ideally having good health is what can give you the lowest life insurance premiums, but for many people that are not in perfect health what does that mean? We reveal some other ways of lowering your life insurance costs. Understanding these simple factors can give you an edge and save you some money. The 3 factors below are some of what influences how much people pay for life insurance premiums. … Read More

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Rate Your Life Insurance Knowledge

I know it’s the middle of summer and most of you are either off from school or from work, so the last thing you need is to take a test. So, this is not a real exam, just a basic 101 primer to test your life insurance knowledge. Don’t stress.. good luck! Life insurance 101 Did you know that life insurance is basically a contract between a policy owner and … Read More

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Why You Should Consider Term Life Insurance

Image provided by photon_de via Flickr. Generally, there are periods of our lives that can be more financially difficult than others. Now imagine if you or your spouse were to suddenly pass away. How much harder would it be? For most there are the times that life insurance is priceless. If you feel you need protection against death for predetermined period of time then term life insurance may be the … Read More

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LIFE Foundation Continues the Life Insurance Knowledge

Continuing in the series of videos helping people better understand the importance of life insurance, LIAM (Life Insurance Awareness Month) has offered up a simple “how-to” when it comes to establishing your family’s life insurance needs. This vital information will help you quickly identify what matters most in your life and how to ask the best questions to find a life insurance policy that meets those needs. Watch the video … Read More

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LIFE Foundation Shows The Importance of Life Insurance

With LIAM (Life Insurance Awareness Month) around the corner, the LIFE Foundation has put together a series of videos that highlight the various benefits of owning a life insurance policy. This first video called “A Legacy of Love” is from the perspective of a Mother, and shows how important it is to not put off the purchase of a life insurance policy. You can watch it here… LifeQuote Holdings, Inc., … Read More

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