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Life Insurance Can Have Many Uses

For most of us life insurance offers two main services… replace the lost income should a loved one die and to set up an estate for our loved ones left behind after we die. These are great reasons to pick up a policy, but there are plenty of others : Estate planning — Do you have a large estate and expect to owe significant estate taxes? You have dependents — … Read More

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The Man Behind the Curtain: How Underwriters Decide the Fate of Your Insurance Rate

Thinking about how life insurers decide on policy terms and coverage it is not hard to imagine “the great and powerful Oz” spinning wheels and cranking levers behind a magnificent emerald curtain. What criteria do insurance underwriters use to determine whether or not I should be granted life insurance coverage? It bears paying attention to the men and women behind the underwriting “curtain.” As it turns out, the deciding factors … Read More

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Insure Your Love: What Fruit Flies Can Teach us About Life and Love

It’s that time of year again; that time leading up to February when we profess our love to the person in our life we call our “Valentine.” From gifts to special dinners, we strive to prove our love for that special someone.  But financial experts say one of the most important gifts you can offer the one you love is the gift of a secure future… something we often take … Read More

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Top 5 Life Insurance Commercials

Over the past few years insurance companies have been responsible for some of the funniest commercials on tv. With the super bowl approaching at the end of the month, which has become not only the big game for the NFL but also for companies wanting to make an impact with a clever and often times hilarious commercial. Check out the 5 best tv commercials below… 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. … Read More

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Why You Shouldn’t Cancel Life Insurance When the Economy is Down

During these hard economic times, everyone is looking for ways to scale back and save money. People will drop their gym memberships, cut cable services, lose Netflix, and other similar subscriptions when times get tough, and will start making more focused efforts at conserving water, electricity and other utilities, as well as better plan commutes to work, all in the hopes of saving their dollars for what really counts. Unfortunately, … Read More

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