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Best Tip to Save Money on Your Life Insurance

We are often asked about ways people can find cheaper life insurance. Obviously, there are many factors that go into this question, but there are a few tips that are proven to help. If there is only one secret that we can provide as to how to save money on life insurance it’s this… do your research. I know it seems so simple. Like shopping for anything, doing proper research … Read More

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3 Important Questions to Ask When Buying Life Insurance

Do I really need a life insurance policy? Obviously, the answer to this question can vary greatly depending on your circumstances. In general the answer is YES. The biggest reason being we simply don’t know what tomorrow is going to bring. A life insurance policy is a way to ensure (financially at least) that your loved ones will be able to maintain what they are used to. Do your homework … Read More

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Not Married? How to Choose a Life Insurance Beneficiary

For many who are covered under a life insurance policy, the fact that they are married makes selecting a beneficiary an easy choice. If you are single, however, the choice becomes much more complicated, and it is complicated even further when just thinking of the idea of dying makes you and your loved ones uncomfortable. Still, it’s best to put some serious thought into who you would like to select … Read More

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LifeQuote Is NOT A Limbaugh Advertiser: Case of Mistaken Identity

In response to an angry onslaught of consumer inquiries for the last three days, LifeQuote  would like to set the record straight. We want to clarify that our firm, LifeQuote Holdings Inc., is not one of the sponsors of the Rush Limbaugh radio program carried on Clear Channel’s Premiere Radio Networks. There has been a clear case of mistaken identity with another life insurance broker with an almost identical name to … Read More

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Secrets to Find Cheaper Life Insurance Rates

It seems that since the dawn of the Internet in the early 90’s there has been no shortage of resources regarding all things life insurance. Savvy shoppers can now find a virtual endless number of websites, videos, e-books, webinars and countless other resources. With the secrets in this article you will find advice that can help you find cheaper life insurance rates. No matter who you are a solid life … Read More

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