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Term Life Insurance for Homemakers

To a working dad, being a stay-at-home mom seems like an easy job. The so-called “homemaker” can skip the commute to the office, as well as the stress of the job. But while dad gets a couple of days off, the job of running a home is never done… mom doesn’t get a break.  Chances are the husband’s employer provides him with a benefits package of health insurance and group … Read More

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Single Moms and Term Life Insurance

If you are a single mom you certainly understand the meaning of hard work. You have learned to juggle your professional responsibilities with your maternal ones. You make sure your children do their homework, get to school on time, make it to their soccer games and eat a healthy diet. As a single mom, you balance being a full time businesswoman with your duties as a mother. When you’re not … Read More

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Single Women and Term Life Insurance

Life insurance is traditionally designed to protect a family from the financial strain associated with the death of the main income earner. That is why most single women think that life insurance is not for them. Without a spouse or child to provide for, single women figure they can skip the expense of buying a policy. But that is not necessarily true; life insurance can be an essential part of … Read More

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Married to Term Life Insurance

The average family in America these days depends on two incomes to make ends meet, making it more important than ever for both household earners to own a life insurance policy to protect those who depend on that income. Women now make up half of this country’s workforce, making their salaries a significant part of the household income yet statistics show that most women remain uninsured or under insured. If … Read More

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Term Life Insurance: When to Review Your Policy

Insurance professionals recommend you take an annual review of your policy and also reassess your policy during every major life event. Baby boomers have already been through many major life events—marriage, children, putting those kids through college, and even having grandchildren. But as they reach retirement it becomes more important for them to review their policy every five years. If your policy provides your spouse with a certain amount of … Read More

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