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Who Benefits from Life Insurance?

When considering life insurance benefits, you may be mulling over just who stands to gain from your life insurance policy. At first glance, you may believe that it’s only your family, but truly, you are too. Of course, in the event of your passing your family will receive the financial benefits in the future, but in the present you gain the benefit of knowing that your family will always be … Read More

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Loss and Life Insurance: How to Protect your Family from Financial Ruin

As the caretaker of your family, you want to provide them all the protection and security in the world. Here, now, and until the end of their time.  Unfortunately, just how much time you have in life is undetermined, but the ability to continue to protect your family beyond your lifespan – that is something youcan determine. Life insurance benefits are important because it is the guarantee that, in the … Read More

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September is Life Insurance Awareness Month

No one likes to talk about dying but what would happen to your family if you were suddenly gone? Taking care of your loved ones is the reason life insurance needs to be talked about and included in your financial plans. The nonprofit LIFE Foundation coordinates Life Insurance Awareness Month to remind Americans that they need life insurance. Each September, LIFE is joined in this educational initiative by more than … Read More

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Women Rule the Roost Recap

Whether you’re a working woman or a stay-at-home mom, you have your own unique set of life insurance needs. Where women were typically based in the home years ago, now they are an equal and integral part of the work force. With most American households dependent on two incomes, it is surprising that more women don’t carry life insurance. No matter what your job or income level, if you’re a … Read More

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