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Financial Help for Single Mothers

Moms are the ultimate multitasking machines. They can handle everything from homework to laundry to taxi driver to being a child’s number one fan. But, amid all the carpools, play-dates and home-cooked meals, the family finances can get lost in the shuffle. Sadly, many single mothers need financial help because this aspect of the household doesn’t get as much attention as it should.

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Top 10 Financial Tips for Professional Women

Follow these valuable money management tips for women to secure and protect your financial future. Know what your job is worth in the marketplace and get paid what you’re worth. Conduct an evaluation of your skills, productivity, job tasks, contribution to the company, and the going rate for you position. Then have an informed discussion with your current employer or job hunt with this in mind. Women tend be grossly … Read More

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The Financial Toll of Breast Cancer

Debbie Cantwell of Bellevue knows the financial woes, among other hardships, that come with breast cancer. In an interview with CNN, Cantwell discussed what it is like to deal with chemotherapy, mastectomy and the fear of what might happen to her family without her. Cantwell is a breast cancer survivor who began a non-profit group, The Pink Daisy Project, to help women under the age of 45, who are diagnosed … Read More

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Learn How to Protect Your Assets

Knowing how to protect your assets is a valuable tool that can make all the difference in the security of your personal future as well as the future of your family. It comes down to changing a few simple habits and exercising caution with whom you trust for financial advice and, of course, making certain that no matter what happens in life you have a plan to protect the important … Read More

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Planning for Your Child’s Financial Future

If you could pick only one reason to invest in a plan for your child’s financial future, his or her higher education would be the most obvious choice. A financial plan that will give your child the tools to succeed for a lifetime is invaluable. It is essential, however, to ensure you save enough for this important goal without compromising other financial goals. Implementing solid strategies for a savings plan … Read More

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