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What do Millennials Seek in Employment? The Answers May Surprise You

Millennials are hitting the workforce and seeking to grow their presence and careers fast. While millennials tend to get a bum-rap, a recent survey from EdAssist, a provider of tuition assistance programs for employers, sheds some light on this highly underrated and misunderstood group. Jay Titus, senior director, academic services for EdAssist says that according to the survey data, millennials are driven by a goal for long-term financial well-being, with … Read More

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Life Insurance Considerations to Make When Getting a Divorce

Even in the most civil cases, divorce is tough. From the emotional aspects to reassessing your finances, it can be quite a strain! While we hope that your marriage is long and happy, we also know that statistically half of marriages end in divorce, and we want to help you sort out the issues that arise around this sensitive, but important topic. You may think that taking a spouse off … Read More

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How Does Depression Affect Life Insurance Availability and Premiums?

Health is a huge factor to whether or not someone is able to get life insurance and the cost of the policy’s premium. Generally speaking the better your health the lower your premium will be, but how about emotional health (ie: depression)? Although categorized as a matter of psychological health, depression can have an impact on one’s physical health as well, including acute physical stress which can lead to premature … Read More

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Does Purchasing Term Life Insurance Make Sense For Retirees?

While term life insurance is generally considered to be a type of insurance policy geared towards people who are looking to protect their family’s finances (20/30 years old to 50/60 years old) it may be something for retirees to consider as well. Why? You ask… well let’s take a look at the possibilities a term life insurance policy offers to you in your golden years. If you’re 60 or over … Read More

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10 Life Insurance Terms You Should Know When Purchasing A Policy

Life insurance can be an overwhelming shopping experience first due to its nature of facing the “no one lives forever” fact and secondly because policies have terms that are foreign to first time buyers.  While we hope our memes and videos help you to get past the former issue, that is really internal work that each person must do. For the latter issue we’ve got you covered with 10 life insurance … Read More

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