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Beat the Holiday Blues at Work

What we associate with “the most wonderful time of the year” often times leaves employees feeling less than cheerful. The pressure of finishing up the year’s projects along with the seemingly never ending holiday to do lists can quickly switch “holiday cheer” to “holiday blues”. This time of year is particularly challenging for anyone who recently lost a loved one, is going through a break up or in financial strain. … Read More

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Smoke Quitting App Offers Effective Habit-Kicking in the Palm of Your Hand

There’s a never ending list of reasons to quit smoking, and an equally long list of reasons smokers push it off or fail. Millions of smokers genuinely want to kick the habit whether it be because of  health risks, short-term costs and/or long terms financial strain (i.e., higher life insurance premiums than those of non-smokers). But as many smokers and past smokers know, the will to quit can only take … Read More

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Combating the Obesity Epidemic Weighs Heavily on Employers

It’s been estimated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that the medical cost of adult obesity in the US is $147 billion per year. This points to the fact that obesity is a serious, costly and all too common issue in the world’s fattest nation.  A conundrum considering that weight loss programs and health awareness is constantly being brought to our attention. So what are we missing when it … Read More

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#LetsTalkFuture: Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2014

Founded in 1992, by Evelyn H. Lauder and Alexandra Penney of SELF magazine, the Breast Cancer Awareness Month campaign has successfully brought international awareness of breast health and has raised over 50 million dollars towards education, research and medical services. This annual health campaign is globally recognized every October to increase awareness and raise funds for research into its cause, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and cure as well as to educate … Read More

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Doctor’s Visits Go Virtual

Teaching your children to care for their health is a big part of harvesting their independence. From a young age you teach them to eat right, brush their teeth, shower or bathe and take care of their bodies. Each of these lessons are taught at appropriate times and now that your post high school child is heading to college the time has come for the next step in fostering your … Read More

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