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Combating the Obesity Epidemic Weighs Heavily on Employers

It’s been estimated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that the medical cost of adult obesity in the US is $147 billion per year. This points to the fact that obesity is a serious, costly and all too common issue in the world’s fattest nation.  A conundrum considering that weight loss programs and health awareness is constantly being brought to our attention. So what are we missing when it … Read More

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#LetsTalkFuture: Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2014

Founded in 1992, by Evelyn H. Lauder and Alexandra Penney of SELF magazine, the Breast Cancer Awareness Month campaign has successfully brought international awareness of breast health and has raised over 50 million dollars towards education, research and medical services. This annual health campaign is globally recognized every October to increase awareness and raise funds for research into its cause, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and cure as well as to educate … Read More

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Doctor’s Visits Go Virtual

Teaching your children to care for their health is a big part of harvesting their independence. From a young age you teach them to eat right, brush their teeth, shower or bathe and take care of their bodies. Each of these lessons are taught at appropriate times and now that your post high school child is heading to college the time has come for the next step in fostering your … Read More

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What’s your Medical IQ?

Hopefully your doctor knows you well, at least the information relevant to your health, after all that is part of the job description. Can you say the same for how well you know your doctor? While you may think that knowing about your doctor isn’t part of your job as an educated consumer, the fact is that staying in the dark can cost you in terms of your health and … Read More

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Kidney Donors May Now Be Facing Pointless Insurance Challenges

Not only does a kidney donor have to have a “heart of gold” to go through the process of donating a kidney, they also have to go through rigorous health screening to be approved for donating a kidney, and only the healthiest people in the USA are approved. So why are they now facing challenges in obtaining high health scores when it comes to health and life insurance premiums post … Read More

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