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What do Middle-Market Consumers Seek in a Life Insurance Agent?

Life Insurance Awareness Month is a great time for life insurance companies to not only educate consumers but also to educate themselves on what their consumers are seeking. With less than half of consumers between the ages of 25-64 with annual household incomes of $35,000 to $99,999, owning an individual life insurance policy it’s time to ask, “What is our target market looking for and how can we provide it?” … Read More

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Who are the MIB and How Do They Affect Me?

Have you heard of the MIB? Well whether you know who they are or not, if you have applied for life insurance, health insurance, disability income, long-term care or critical illness insurance at an MIB member company within the past seven years then chances are they know you. Nope, we’re not talking about Agent J and Kay (Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jone’s characters in Men in Black), we’re talking … Read More

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Life Insurance: A Natural Part of the Circle of Life

Nobody likes to think about death.  I mean, we all probably enjoy a bit of morbid humor at some point, or have the occasional philosophical discussion about whether or not there is an afterlife.  But as human beings we generally do not like to acknowledge our own mortality. It’s depressing and also out of our control. So if death is inevitable the challenge is figuring out how to live a … Read More

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Top 5 Excuses Why People Don’t Have Life Insurance

It is no secret that our nation’s economy is in trouble right now. Just turn on the news and watch our bickering lawmakers put partisan politics before the financial interests of a frustrated citizenry. That is why in these tough economic times we are searching for an upside and we may have just found it in life insurance. No, it’s not a sexy and exciting product. It’s not like buying … Read More

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What You Need to Know Before Buying Term Life Insurance

Knowledge is power… and gaining a little bit of knowledge about a topic that can be complicated gives you an upper hand in taking charge of your family’s financial future.  The topic is term life insurance and no you don’t have to be a financial whiz to understand it. All you need to have is a clear understanding of what this type of insurance can do for your loved one’s … Read More

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