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Your Child’s Failure to Launch Affects Your Term Life Insurance Coverage

Have you heard of the Failure to Launch phenomena (AKA the not so empty nest syndrome)? Presented as a lighthearted comedy in the movie Step Brothers, this issue is actually no joking matter. The long term repercussions of adult children living at home for both the parents and children have some very real consequences. For the sake of today’s article we’re going to focus on the affect your child’s delayed … Read More

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Kidney Donors May Now Be Facing Pointless Insurance Challenges

Not only does a kidney donor have to have a “heart of gold” to go through the process of donating a kidney, they also have to go through rigorous health screening to be approved for donating a kidney, and only the healthiest people in the USA are approved. So why are they now facing challenges in obtaining high health scores when it comes to health and life insurance premiums post … Read More

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The Sobering Reality of the Life Insurance Gap

A recent study has found that the gap in life insurance coverage vs. financial needs has worsened by 11% since 2008. The 2013 study was commissioned by New York Life and conducted by the Futures Company, an independent third party research company. They reported that while many Americans say they would want a life insurance policy that would ideally cover their household’s expenses for 14 years after the loss the family’s main income producer, they … Read More

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Empowered Women Are Making Top Financial Decisions

Women have taken charge of their finances, empowered by their independence and career success. A recent study done by Ameriprise Financial found that 41% of women ages 25 – 70 are making financial decisions on their own, 56% said that they share the household financial responsibilities equally with their partners and only 4% of the women surveyed said that they had no involvement with the financial decision-making at home. Of the … Read More

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E-Cigarettes, Tobacco Products and How They Might Affect Your Life Insurance Rates

One of the fastest growing trends currently in the tobacco industry is the E-cigarette. You’ve most likely seen these pen-like devices with a glass chamber being used in public or perhaps you own one for yourself. While the rise in popularity of the E-cigarette is relatively new, the product itself has been around since the early 2000s. The first E-cigarette was produced in China, closely resembling a real cigarette in … Read More

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