Filling the Life Insurance Gap: A Goal of Middle-Market Consumers

LIMRA, a worldwide research, consulting and professional development organization, recently conducted a survey which found that consumers between the ages of 25-64 with annual household incomes of $35,000 to $99,999 fall into a critical gap in life insurance protection. The survey found that while 60% did own group life insurance only 46% own an individual policy. Group life insurance is typically offered as an employee benefit or can be purchased with … Read More

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The 11th Annual Life Insurance Awareness Month Begins

This September we head into the 11th year of the annual education initiative, Life Insurance Awareness Month (LIAM). With half of middle market American consumers (25-65 year olds) lacking life insurance it is more important than ever to educate and raise awareness of the benefits a term life insurance policy offers to individuals and families. In a recent LIMRA survey 63% of consumers cited expense as the main reason for … Read More

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Doctor’s Visits Go Virtual

Teaching your children to care for their health is a big part of harvesting their independence. From a young age you teach them to eat right, brush their teeth, shower or bathe and take care of their bodies. Each of these lessons are taught at appropriate times and now that your post high school child is heading to college the time has come for the next step in fostering your … Read More

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Your Child’s Failure to Launch Affects Your Term Life Insurance Coverage

Have you heard of the Failure to Launch phenomena (AKA the not so empty nest syndrome)? Presented as a lighthearted comedy in the movie Step Brothers, this issue is actually no joking matter. The long term repercussions of adult children living at home for both the parents and children have some very real consequences. For the sake of today’s article we’re going to focus on the affect your child’s delayed … Read More

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Encouraging Retirement News for Generation Xers and Millennials

Business People

Late boomers of Generation X and Millennials are facing the harsh reality of being the first age group unlikely to exceed the wealth of the generation before them. This makes the importance of taking financial matters of retirement into their own hands more important than ever before. It’s this age group that’s been hit the hardest by the most recent recession. While early boomers benefited from both the dot-com boom … Read More

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