3 Thought Patterns That Sabotage Proper Financial Planning

Are your behavioral tendencies holding you back from planning for your and your family’s financial future? According to Christine Marcks, president of Prudential Retirement, “Planning for a secure retirement requires recognizing and overcoming behavioral challenges that undermine Americans’ best intentions around saving.” With a third of Americans lacking adequate life insurance*1 and a forth lacking retirement planning confidence*2, the time to start making changes to your saving behaviors is today! … Read More

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Term Life Insurance: Why Pay for Something You Hope to Never Use

Insurance carries with it an irony that all policy holders know well: we realize it’s essential and yet we hope to never have to use it. So why do we spend money each month on something we hope we’ll never need? Security. Life insurance differs in one area when compared to auto or home insurance. We know when we need and don’t need auto insurance, because we know when we … Read More

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The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift: Term Life Insurance

With Valentine’s Day less than a week away love is in the air, and so are gifts that try to express that feeling. When purchasing a gift for your loved one you want it to be one that they can enjoy from the moment they receive it as well as for years to come. Fitting in your budget would be nice too, right? A term life insurance policy is an … Read More

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Do You Have a Blind Spot in Your Estate Planning?

A recent study by ACE Private Risk Services found that poor documentation may impact families harshly when it comes to managing tangible assets. The study was conducted by examining the homes of three thousand high net worth families. What they found was that almost fifty percent of the homes evaluated where under-insured. Tangible assets refer to things like jewelry, antiques, fine art and other valuables. And while high net worth … Read More

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Workplace Advantages Boomers Can Benefit From

Gen Yers and Millenials have been at the center of attention in the workforce… leaving the boomer generation somewhat overlooked. And while millennials do face a new set of challenges in today’s new world, their parents are facing new challenges of their own. From estate planning, to health care to the highly challenging task of being a part of the sandwich generation, there are employee benefits that may prove to … Read More

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