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Top Life Insurance Buying Mistakes and Myths

With April Fools just around the corner now is a great time to examine some of the common myths we encounter from applicants seeking to buy life insurance.  These misconceptions can slow down and sometimes derail the insurance buying process. Here is a quick look at some avoidable mistakes that can improve your life insurance application experience. Knowing the difference between a quote and an offer An insurance quote is … Read More

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What Age to Buy Life Insurance

Despite the fact that most American families have less to fall back on financially than when the economic downturn began, ownership of individual life insurance has hit a 50-year low, according to a new LIMRA study. As a result, many individuals own too little to no life insurance.

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New Year’s Life Insurance Quotes

For many people New Year’s represents a chance to start over and work at fulfilling resolutions for the next 12 months. Along with the typical diet, health and fitness resolutions, people should really consider adding financial resolutions to their list to help improve their money situation. The past year was a struggle economically for many. With the economy taking a turn upward and the start of a new year, now … Read More

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Buying Life Insurance Online

The internet has dramatically changed the way we purchase goods and services. Today, we can go online and buy anything – food products, cars, electronics, clothing, jewelry and even insurance. As simple as it sounds to just point and click, there are tips for getting life insurance quotes online. Industry experts concur that there has never been a better time to shop for life insurance quotes online. Prices are low, as … Read More

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Life Insurance for Small Business Owners

To run a smart business today it takes more than a successful business model. Smart business owners are protecting the infrastructure they’ve worked hard to build by taking out life insurance policies. Just like individual life insurance policies protect a family financially in the event of a death or catastrophic accident, life insurance for small business owners protects the business, should an owner, partner or certain employee[s] die or leave … Read More

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