The gift that keeps on giving: Life Insurance

Posted by V Media on Saturday, Dec 24, 2016
As the rush of the holidays comes to an end, the pressure to get a perfect gift for someone you love begins to build. We’ve all been under the pressure...

Smart Steps for Diabetics

Posted by V Media on Wednesday, Nov 16, 2016
    “Can I get life insurance if I have diabetes?” In short, YES!  While diabetes is rapidly increasing in our population, life insurance companies are adapting with the growth...

The Simple Facts About Life Insurance & Pre-Existing Conditions

Posted by V Media on Monday, Oct 10, 2016
  There is no denying that obtaining life insurance is an easier process without a pre-existing condition.  However, finding yourself in this situation is not the end of the road...

The Real Reasons Single Women Need Life Insurance

Posted by V Media on Thursday, Sep 29, 2016
For many generations, women were dependent upon husbands economically, which is one of the reasons why marriage was emphasized at a young age. Enter the 21st century and women have...

Benefits of Using Life Insurance in Retirement Planning

Posted by V Media on Thursday, Aug 25, 2016
Your Lincoln financial advisor, like most in the industry, has considered life insurance coverage and retirement planning to be two separate accounts. Retirement planning was a way to take care...

First Time Life Insurance Buyers

Posted by V Media on Thursday, Aug 25, 2016
     You are sitting on your couch, writing out a grocery list, watching your kids play and listening to the hum of your husband mowing the lawn in your Montgomery...

Life Insurance in Your 20s

Posted by V Media on Thursday, Aug 25, 2016
  You've just graduated college, you are starting your career, and you're browsing life insurance policies.  Wait, browsing life insurance policies?  Most people in their twenties, living in Birmingham believe...

Before Falling Into the Zika Virus Hype Ask Yourself These Essential Questions

Posted by Ileana Bravo on Thursday, Feb 04, 2016
Before becoming racked with fear over the Zika virus (a flavivirus, which for the most part, have arthropod vectors, e.g., mosquitoes) we may want to take our time and explore...

Are You Reaching Your Boiling Point in the Relationship?

Posted by Ileana Bravo on Thursday, Feb 04, 2016
I am proud of the people who stay in marriages and relationships a lot longer than most. As many people know, the divorce rate is right around 50% these days...

Tracking Down a Lost Life Insurance Policy

Black African American Ethnicity Frustrated Woman Working In Str
Posted by Ileana Bravo on Thursday, Sep 24, 2015
You might think that if your father and mother had a life insurance policy, they would tell you. And most people that buy life insurance do mean to tell their...
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