Before Falling Into the Zika Virus Hype Ask Yourself These Essential Questions

Posted by Ileana Bravo on Thursday, Feb 04, 2016
Before becoming racked with fear over the Zika virus (a flavivirus, which for the most part, have arthropod vectors, e.g., mosquitoes) we may want to take our time and explore...

Are You Reaching Your Boiling Point in the Relationship?

Posted by Ileana Bravo on Thursday, Feb 04, 2016
I am proud of the people who stay in marriages and relationships a lot longer than most. As many people know, the divorce rate is right around 50% these days...

Tracking Down a Lost Life Insurance Policy

Black African American Ethnicity Frustrated Woman Working In Str
Posted by Ileana Bravo on Thursday, Sep 24, 2015
You might think that if your father and mother had a life insurance policy, they would tell you. And most people that buy life insurance do mean to tell their...

Making Sure Your Life Insurance Policy Pays Out

Posted by Ileana Bravo on Thursday, Sep 03, 2015
Making sure your life insurance company pays out is up to you. While every insurance company has its own “exclusions,”  reasons why it wouldn’t need to pay out, these exclusions...

Can Cancer Survivors Get Term Life Insurance?

Hope For Future
Posted by Ileana Bravo on Tuesday, Aug 18, 2015
If you are a cancer survivor, you may have been told by well-meaning friends and family that you will not be able to buy term life insurance. While this may...

Making Sense of Life Insurance Ratings

Life Insurance Word Cloud Concept Angled
Posted by Ileana Bravo on Tuesday, Aug 04, 2015
Many people have told me that when they apply for term life insurance, they get a little nervous. Because let’s face it - life insurance can be a squeamish topic;...

5 Questions to Ask Before Purchasing Term Life Insurance

Female insurance agent is talking with a young couple
Posted by Ileana Bravo on Wednesday, Jul 22, 2015
There are two main advantages of buying term life insurance as opposed to permanent life insurance: Term life insurance is cheaper, and simpler. However, just because term policies themselves are...

Health Conditions that Will Impact Your Life Insurance Premiums

Doctor's Hand Checking Blood Pressure
Posted by Ileana Bravo on Sunday, Jul 19, 2015
There is good news and bad news when it comes to the monthly premiums of your term life insurance. The good news is, your monthly premiums will be determined by...

Avoiding Estate Taxes on Life Insurance

Senior Happy Couple Shaking Hand With Financial Advisor
Posted by Ileana Bravo on Monday, Jun 22, 2015
Last week we wrote about the importance of estate planning no matter what financial bracket you fall under. And we mentioned that having an estate plan is especially important if...

Is Estate Planning Only for the Rich?

Business man pointing to transparent board with text: Estate Pla
Posted by Ileana Bravo on Tuesday, Jun 16, 2015
Estate planning has come to be associated with people who are exceedingly rich, causing middle and upper-class citizens to have the mindset of, “I’m not rich, why do I need...
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