Happy World Smile Day – October 2, 2015

world smile day
Posted by Ileana Bravo on Thursday, Oct 01, 2015
This Friday marks the 16th celebration of World Smile Day, a day instituted by Harvey Ball, the man credited with creating the smiley face symbol that we have all come...

Are You Missing Out On Retirement Savings?

Retirement fund jar with checkbook and glasses
Posted by Ileana Bravo on Tuesday, Aug 11, 2015
Recent research has shown that a large number of Americans have been missing out on over $1000 in retirement funds that they are entitled to. With retirement savings becoming more...

What Tibble v. Edison Means for Your 401(k), and Your Retirement

Serious judge about to bang gavel on sounding block in the court
Posted by Ileana Bravo on Tuesday, Jun 02, 2015
This past month, the Supreme Court issued a ruling in the much-publicized case of Tibble v. Edison International, a group of employees who were suing their company over the high...

Retirement Confidence is Rising, But is That Confidence Based on Realistic Planning?

Posted by Ileana Bravo on Thursday, Apr 23, 2015
The Employee Benefit Research Institute’s Annual Retirement Survey found that retirement confidence is on the rise, but is that confidence backed up by solid retirement planning or is their confidence...

What do Millennials Seek in Employment? The Answers May Surprise You

Posted by Ileana Bravo on Tuesday, Apr 14, 2015
Millennials are hitting the workforce and seeking to grow their presence and careers fast. While millennials tend to get a bum-rap, a recent survey from EdAssist, a provider of tuition...

Do You Have a Blind Spot in Your Estate Planning?

Posted by Ileana Bravo on Tuesday, Feb 03, 2015
A recent study by ACE Private Risk Services found that poor documentation may impact families harshly when it comes to managing tangible assets. The study was conducted by examining the...

Beat the Holiday Blues at Work

Posted by Ileana Bravo on Monday, Dec 15, 2014
What we associate with “the most wonderful time of the year” often times leaves employees feeling less than cheerful. The pressure of finishing up the year’s projects along with the...

Retirement Confidence Ranks High for Entrepreneurs and Female Business Owners

Posted by Ileana Bravo on Monday, Nov 24, 2014
A recent survey conducted by The Employee Benefit Research Institute found that retirement confidence among workers are at a new low. With only 18% of participants feeling very confident, 37%...

Financial Challenges Rise for the Sandwich Generation

Posted by Ileana Bravo on Monday, Nov 17, 2014
The United States’ sluggish recovery from the 2008 recession has taken a disproportional toll on the financial stresses of the “sandwich generation”, a generation of people who care for their...

#LetsTalkFuture: Why it Pays to Pay for Financial Advice

Posted by Ileana Bravo on Tuesday, Nov 11, 2014
A study commissioned by Schwab Retirement Plan Services found that a 401(K) ranked as a top priority benefit for many employees when it comes to their work benefits, yet only...
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