Pacific Life Insurance Whale Commercials are Television Art

Posted on Tuesday, Aug 24, 2010

Term Life InsuranceIf you watch sports on television chances are you’ve seen those commercials featuring those magnificent whales leaping through the water or doing their majestic underwater “dance.” Those iconic creatures have become synonymous with strength, and performance– which is exactly what the commercial’s authors–Pacific Life Insurance Company intended. You know them, they are that mega insurance company that sells everything from term life insurance to annuities.

I see them almost as television art.  My two favorites are called “Tail Slaps” and “Whale Dancers.” In “Slaps”, humpback whales are powerfully breaking the water surface with their flukes (tail slaps), pectoral fins (pectoral slaps) and their entire bodies (breaches).  This commercial has been running for more than two years and the best version is the one featuring the so-called Pacific Life Fight Song.

My other winner is “Whale Dancers” featuring humpback whales appearing to be doing a graceful underwater ballet.  Here’s an interesting anecdote about the music accompanying the whale footage.  I knew it sounded familiar; it’s from the film “Dragonheart.”  I think it’s the perfect orchestration (performed by the City of Prague Philharmonic) for the graceful performance of these mysterious  sea creatures.

Check out “Whale Dancers” and other Pacific Life commercials.

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